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Routine maintenance of vulnerable parts of Raymond mill

The Raymond mill is made up of many accessories, each of which plays a different role. However, any accessory is indispensable, and the service life of the accessory represents the length of life of the entire device. However, failure in the production of equipment is inevitable, such as the wear and tear of consumable parts, can it prevent wear and tear on these vulnerable parts? Or to slow down the rate of wear? The following is an analysis by Zhengzhou Shuguang.
The wear of the mill accessories is mostly caused by friction, so lubrication is an effective protective measure. In particular, the lubrication of the bearings should be paid more attention. The choice of lubricants is also very important. Only suitable lubricants can be effective. Lubricate, and follow the correct filling method when filling the lubricant.
Secondly, the size of the feed particle size should be strictly controlled when feeding, because if the material is too large, the wear of the grinding ring and the blade will be accelerated. The protection of the blades should also be cleaned regularly and rust-proof work. Also, ensure that the equipment cannot be operated under overload for a long period of time, which will accelerate the wear of Raymond mill accessories.
Although the wear of Raymond mill accessories is inevitable, as long as we have done regular inspections and replacement of parts, we can reduce the wear of the parts through maintenance and other measures. Extending the service life of the parts is to improve the service life and production efficiency of the equipment.
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