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Film shredder introduction and characteristics

The common structures of the film shredder are mainly single-axis, double-axis and four-axis. Film shredder, also known as plastic film shredder, plastic bag shredder, bag shredder, woven bag shredder, is a new film shredder series that has been introduced by our company after years of research and practice. The equipment cutters are suitable for shredding, crushing and recycling of soft materials and hard materials. The new drain pipe shredder can meet the needs of users with high efficiency, energy saving, sturdiness and durability.
Film shredder features: 1. Highly optimized geometric design and dynamic matching to ensure high output. 2. The frame plate is thick, resistant to high torque and very strong. 3. The equipment has low operating cost and long service life. 4. The machine adopts PLC control to ensure the shredding efficiency and control power, which is easy to operate.
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