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How to adjust the discharge size of the metal shredder?

The metal shredder http://www.zzshuguangchina.com is relatively good for crushing and pulverizing plastic packaging bags and plastic packaging. The main reason is that many metal shredders will heat up when smashing, and the heat will melt the plastic, causing problems such as winding tools. Many users of metal shredders don't know much about the equipment. How do you adjust the particle size for the metal shredder without the screen?
The granulating particle size of the metal shredder of the metal shredder can not be adjusted, etc. Let us make an answer. The screen of the double-shaft shredder is generally a roller screen, which is generally more common when shredding tires. Under normal circumstances, the double-shaft shredder equipment is not equipped with a screen. The metal shredder particle size adjustment is determined according to the use of metal shredder cutters. The main one is the thickness of the metal shredder cutter and the number of metal shredder cutters. Currently, the thickness of common metal shredder cutters is 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm shredder tool thickness, the more the number of claws of the double-shaft shredder cutter, the smaller the blade thickness, the smaller the shredded particles.
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